What is community severance?

Community severance – or the “barrier effect” – happens when the transport system limits people’s mobility, instead of facilitating it.

Railways, motorways, and roads with high traffic levels or speeds, create physical and psychological barriers that separate communities, with effects on walking and cycling mobility and possible negative effects on individual health and social cohesion.

This blog deals with the problem of community severance in transport and urban policy and research.

The first seven entries are an overview of the major aspects of the problem.

The following entries deal with specific issues, including:

a) reports of new research

b) accounts of severance issues in cities around the world

c) thoughts about the implications of the problem for policy-makers, researchers and local communities.

All entries have exactly 500 words, including title.

Please get in touch to discuss or disseminate information about community severance issues in your city.


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